“I Refused to Go to Seoul”: One Relative Exposes the CCP’s Plot

On July 22, coerced or manipulated relatives of The Church of Almighty God refugees will stage false “spontaneous demonstrations” in Korea. But some relatives refused to go.

by Bai ShengYi

Bitter Winter is following closely the CCP’s plot to prevent refugees from The Church of Almighty God (CAG) from obtaining asylum in Korea and have them deported back to China. As we reported, the CCP is continuing to harass China-based relatives of the CAG refugees who live in South Korea—coercing, inciting, and luring them to travel to South Korea to take part in false “spontaneous demonstrations” and protests, in an effort to have the CAG refugees arrested and sent to China.

Bitter Winter has already reported how the CCP once again used intimidation and bribery tactics against the China-based relatives of CAG refugees in South Korea, and will have them visit Seoul from July 22 to 24 to “search for relatives.” South Korean anti-xie jiao and pro-CCP activist O Myung-ok (오명옥), a notorious bigot whose hate speech and activities targeted several Korean minorities, is the organizer and planner of this event in South Korea. She has already announced the schedule for harassing and attacking the CAG refugees there. She also claims that CAG members are dangerous because they co-operate with “Islamic extremists,” by which she means the secular members of the Campaign for Uyghurs, who advocate for the human rights of the Uyghurs detained in the dreaded transformation through education camps in Xinjiang and participated in a conference on June 20 in Seoul together with members of the CAG and who are certainly not “extremists.”

O Myung-ok’s schedule for harassing and attacking CAG refugees in South Korea (screenshot from the website “Religion and Truth,” 종교와 진리).

On her website, called “Religion and Truth,” Ms. O published a post stating that there are 25 family members in total who are coming to South Korea to demonstrate this time. Perhaps some of these don’t fully realize that, should they really come back to China, their relatives who are now in Korea as asylum seekers would not go “home” but to jail. Others do know the truth, but were told by the CCP they should go to Korea, or else.

Bitter Winter has interviewed a woman from the northern province of Hebei (whose name we omit for security reasons) who refused to go to South Korea and participate in the false demonstrations. She was summoned for a discussion by the CCP. Her son is a member of The Church of Almighty God who, to avoid being arrested and persecuted by the CCP, was forced to flee abroad to seek asylum. After finding out about this, the CCP repeatedly harassed the woman and summoned her to the local National Security Brigade and the police station to undergo questioning and investigation. There, they incited her to travel to South Korea to take part in the false demonstrations.

In May, she received a phone call from a government official who claimed to be responsible for religious management work. The official asked her about her son’s belief in Almighty God and arranged to meet with her.

“The official took out a photo of my son in South Korea, and asked me how long ago my son went abroad and whether I was in contact with him,” Ms. Liu said, as she recalled the meeting that day. “I asked him how he knew that my son was in South Korea and how he had obtained the photo. He didn’t answer directly.”

The woman said that the government official told her: “Your son participated in the shooting of a CAG film in South Korea. The state is now planning to arrange for you and your family members to travel to South Korea, engage in demonstrations by holding up banners and posting slogans in front of the embassy and consulate in South Korea, and demand that the South Korean government personally resolve this matter [referring to sending CAG members back to China]. All expenses for traveling abroad will be covered by the state. If you have the opportunity to see him, you have to find a way to make him return to China with you!”

During the conversation, the woman inadvertently saw the government official holding a list containing the details of several people—including her son—about which schools they attended (and when), where they lived (and when), and the location where they last used their ID card. The content was extremely detailed. The government official said they would use this list to find the families one by one and carry out the plan to take them abroad to demonstrate.

The official even said unabashedly, “Foreign countries have their own laws. Only after they [CAG members] set foot on Chinese territory again, can we arrest them.” Obviously, as soon as the CAG refugees will return to China, they will be arrested and imprisoned. The woman is extremely worried about her son’s safety, and refused the official’s request. She is ready to face the consequences.

According to an internal CCP document against the groups banned as xie jiao published by Bitter Winter, as early as 2015, the CCP started planning to deploy surveillance against CAG members who have fled overseas, and trying to find a way to have them deported back to China. The document explicitly required officials throughout China to investigate members of both Falun Gong and the CAG who had left the country, obtain a comprehensive grasp of their basic situation (including the activities they are engaged in overseas, who their relatives in China are and what they do, and so on), conduct an analysis on a person-by-person basis, and formulate a special work plan for each person. Since then, the CCP has repeatedly issued plans to crack down on CAG refugees overseas. The CCP has repeatedly initiated malicious attacks and demonstrations against CAG refugees in South Korea with the help of Ms. O.