Invited to Celebrate Cherry Blossom Festival with Christians of The Church of Almighty God

On Apr. 7, 2019, members from The Association on Study of Religion and Human Rights gathered with Christians from The Church of Almighty God. Christians’ reverence for God and their cherishing to the freedom moved those present.      

At 9:00 am of Apr. 7, more than forty people who took part in the outdoor party gathered under a big flowering cherry and the party began in the speech of the host. Although these Christians who were persecuted in China have been in Japan for two to three years, the shadow brought by the persecution in China still existed. At the beginning, they were pretty cautious and tense, however, as the music played, smiles gradually appeared on their face with relaxation. Following next, the Christians sang in Japanese and Chinese respectively and danced to praise God. Their firm faith and optimism also moved the people present. The members of the Association also joined them, sharing the happiness and praising the greatness and wonderfulness of the Creator.

The activity ended in an hour. Some Christians were well up with emotions saying that it was really terrific to sing here to praise God. In China, we never dared to praise God in public like this.

Some Christians also hoped that through them, more people could feel the meaning of life brought by God. Meanwhile, they’re also endeavoring unceasingly towards this.