Willy Fautré: EU Members Should Stop Repatriating Asylum Seekers From The Church of Almighty God


Mr. Willy Fautré: And it was time to deconstruct the negative impact and effect of the fake news of China, to reveal the reality in order to be able to convince the authorities of the countries where they’re looking for a safe haven that they should be accepted as politically persecuted Christians and that they should be granted a safe haven in all the countries where they apply for asylum. And, that’s what we are now in the process of. So, convincing not only public opinions, but also decision-makers, political decision makers, and others that those people are peaceful, they don’t present any threat to the State security or to human security in any country where they are. They’ve not committed any act of violence. But, if they are sent back to China, they will be victims of such violence. So, that’s the process that we’re engaging in.

Source: Eastern Light – Christian Videos