Hoisted with Her Own Petard: In Seoul, Freedom Defeats Ms O’s Bigotry

The pro-CCP and anti-cult activist organized a sideshow in front of the Blue House, the residence of the Korean President. She was in for a surprise, as refugees fought back with their own, more successful press conference.

Massimo Introvigne

But couldn’t you please stop reporting about Ms. O?

Readers of Bitter Winter may start being fed up with Ms. O Myung-ok. The notorious Korean bigot, who tries to stir animosity and hate against all minorities, is not an entertaining subject. Yet, she causes real suffering to harmless, vulnerable human beings, and this is the reason we keep denouncing her nefarious activities.

Take June 22. Despite previous fiascos, Ms. O organized what is her tenth false “spontaneous demonstrations” against refugees from The Church of Almighty God (CAG) in South Korea, who escaped from China where members of their religion are routinely subject to arrest, detention, and torture. The CCP has issued multiple secret documents, calling for a clampdown on CAG refugees around the world. Ms. O may be seen as the manager of the Korean branch of this CCP campaign.

Despite consistent lack of success, the CCP and Ms. O always reenact the same script. Relatives of the refugees in China are manipulated or coerced to travel abroad and form a “search group” that will demonstrate asking the asylum seekers to “come home.” Of course, should they really go to China, the refugees will find a new home in a “comfortable” Chinese jail.

The “search group” is demonstrating in Seoul from July 22 to 24, and Ms. O started the three-day false “spontaneous demonstration” with a sideshow intended for the media. She was in for a surprise.

Refugees Fight Back

Around 10 a.m. on July 22, led by Ms. O, the Chinese party “seeking for relatives” arrived at the Fountain Square in front of the Blue House and started a press conference trying to discredit CAG refugees and calling for their deportation back to China.

It seems that, in typical Ms. O’ style, there were professional demonstrators among some 25 people who demonstrated. They are hired guns who would shout hate slogans wherever this is required. This time, it was about the “false refugees.”

A silent protest in front of the Blue House denouncing the CCP’s countless crimes of religious persecution.

Unlike other groups, the CAG had so far reacted with Christian patience and forgiveness, and did not fight back. Not this time. Enough being enough, more than 30 real CAG refugees showed up in front of the Blue House and staged a counter-protest and an alternative press conference, which was more successful than Ms. O’s usual vituperations. Unlike Ms. O’s hired thugs, these were real victims of the CCP persecution seeking asylum in Korea. Some were left homeless after being hunted for years by the CCP, some had been tortured. “Can O Myung-ok really mask the truth of the CCP’s religious persecution by viciously labeling Chinese Christians as fake refugees?” CAG members asked.

Xiao Rui, one of the protesters, fled to South Korea three years ago. Prior to this, she had been arrested, brutally tortured and sentenced to three years and six months in jail in China merely for her belief in Almighty God.

Four CAG members giving speeches at the press conference.

She said, “I was born in China and grew up there, never knowing what human rights are, or what freedom of belief is. I’ve seen Christians all living under the fear and the stress of potential arrest.”

Facing the CCP’s false accusation and slander, Xiao Rui said, “I’ve always looked forward to the day when I can reunite with my elderly parents and fulfill my obligation of filial piety, but I don’t dare to go home. This is because some CAG brothers and sisters who went back to China to see their parents were arrested and imprisoned, and their whereabouts remain unknown to this day.”

In silence, CAG members denounce the CCP’s persecution.

Manipulating Families

Perhaps, the most disgusting part of Ms. O’s and the CCP’s sideshow is preying on the family feelings, terrorizing or manipulating parents and other relatives who already suffer for the persecution inflicted to their loved ones to participate in plans to bring their back to China and to jail. There was an eye-catching signboard on the scene, which read “Dear Mom and Dad, do you know you’re used by CCP? I’m heart-broken. You join the CCP for false demonstrations, knowing I’m in danger due to its persecution.”

With signboards in hand, three CAG members are briefly telling their stories of persecution.
CAG members hold signboards in hand, telling brief stories of the persecution they suffered, denouncing the CCP as the center of an international axis of evil.

Mr. Jia Zhigang, a CAG member, told Bitter Winter that the group of false demonstrators included his father-in-law and his wife’s younger brother. Mr. Jia reported that prior to July 21, he had already learned that his relatives were coming to South Korea. On the 21st, he and his wife went to Incheon International Airport to pick up their relatives, hoping for a quiet family reunion. However, much to their shock and sadness, their family members who came to South Korea to “search for relatives” refused to reunite with them. On the contrary, they followed Ms. O’s itinerary and took part in the false demonstration, pretending to “search for relatives” they had in fact already found. Jia said he had no idea what exactly his family had experienced.

CAG members hold signboards in hand and denounce the CCP’s atrocities; one of them reads: The CCP’s persecution has forced me to flee my home.

Dangerous Liaisons: Ms. O and the CCP

The CAG refugees reminded the media that, “the CCP’s wicked deeds of religious persecution pile up. as it dismantles crosses, demolishes churches and detains millions of Muslims in the transformation through education camps in China, which has been disclosed and denounced by the international community. Why is this evident fact ignored by Ms. O? As a Korean citizen, why does she have to devote herself to the CCP’s propaganda and work for the CCP so diligently?”

The CAG members raised signboards to express their doubt during the protest: “O Myung-ok is hell-bent on howling for extradition of Chinese Christians, how much has the CCP slipped into her pocket?” “See O Myung-ok’s true face as the CCP’s lapdog! Is she a secret Party member?”

The appearance of the CAG members took Ms. O by surprise. She became irritated in front of the truth. During the protest, she pointed her smartphone to the CAG members who raised signboards to protest in silence, and tried twice to rush towards them. Despite the intervention of the security guard present, she kept filming these protesting Christians, accusing them to be fake refugees. She even tried to disrupt the CAG press conference and offended some reporters, accusing them not to be on her side.

The false demonstration led by Ms. O, which was scheduled to proceed from 10 a.m. to 12 p.m., in the end lasted less than an hour, ending in disgrace as usual. If it would not be out of proportion to disturb William Shakespeare (1564-1616) for Ms. O’s sordid activities, we would borrow a quote from Hamlet and conclude that she has been “hoisted with her own petard.”

(Photos courtesy of The Church of Almighty God)