10 Nefarious Secret Police Forces Throughout History

Secret police forces have existed since time immemorial, from the Frumentarii of Ancient Rome to the mass digital surveillance of today. And while they’re more commonly associated with some of the most nefarious dictatorships on the planet, these unaccountable, state-funded heavies with a license to snoop have become increasingly and unnervingly banal—perhaps even cynically expected—all over the world.

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10. OVRA (1927-1945)
9. COINTELPRO (1956-1971)
8. The Mabahith (1924-present)
7. The Stasi (1950-1990)
6. The 610 Office (1999-present)
5. Tonton Macoute (1958-1986)
4. The Cheka (1917-1922)
3. The Santebal (1971-1979)
2. The Kempeitai (1881-1945)
1. The Gestapo (1933-1945)