Italian Newspaper Joins the Campaign for Sister Zou

The Italian national conservative newspaper Libero has joined the international campaign in favor of Sister Zou Demei, a regional leader of The Church of Almighty God, a Chinese Christian new religious movement.

Sister Zou is wanted in China for being a leader of a banned religion, and for trumped up charges of espionage that normally lead to the death penalty. After her asylum application has been rejected, Sister Zou is in jail in Detroit and threatened with immediate repatriation to China.

Writing on Libero, Marco Respinti, who also serves as director-in-charge of Bitter Winter, noted that “Donald J. Trump may save a human life right now,” and that the persecution of The Church of Almighty God in China is characterized by “a special cruelty.”

“It would be a big shot for President Trump, Respinti concluded, if, in addition to hitting Xi Jinping with tariffs, he would show that he protests China’s totalitarian policies.”