ChinaAid’s Top 10 Persecution Cases in China 2016

ChinaAid’s Top 10 Persecution Cases in China 2016

Spurred by increasingly Maoist forms of management, the Chinese government subjected its citizens to heightened levels of religious persecution in 2016, marking it as the most concerning year for religious freedom since the Cultural Revolution. Subjecting its people to martyrdom, arbitrary arrests and detentions, torture, false accusations of terrorism, forced demolitions, and various other forms of harassment, the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) attempted to stagnate the growth of extra-governmental religious beliefs in order to ensure religious entities adhered to Party doctrine.

Although this crackdown was implemented to various belief systems throughout the country, ChinaAid received mostly reports of Christian persecution. As a result, this report focuses on the 10 most prominent cases of injustice conducted against Christians during 2016.

Since freedom of belief forms the foundation of all other rights, ChinaAid calls on individuals and international governments to draw attention to these cases and hold China accountable for its trespasses on human rights.


Report: ChinaAid’s Top 10 Persecution Cases in China 2016

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